9 Most Damaging Foods For Your Teeth

The World we live in these days is all about convenience, making healthy decisions even harder. Due to convenient foods being readily available, we have seen an increase in the amount of tooth decay in today’s population. The American Dental Association has released a list of the 9 Most Damaging Foods your teeth can be exposed to:

  • Soda and Juice-Contains high amounts of sugar and acid which is very hard on the teeth leading to decay and sensitivity. Diet soda also contains acid and is not the best choice for a beverage.
  • Ice-Chewing ice increases the chances of fractures and chipping of the teeth.
  • Alcohol-Alcoholic beverages dry the mouth out and dry mouth increases decay susceptibility. Consuming alcohol also puts you at a higher risk for cancer and contains sugar, which can lead to decay.
  • Sport DrinksS-Contain sugar and Acid which can lead to decay.
  • Citrus-Causes Acid erosion. Acid erosion affects the enamel causing sensitivity and leaving the enamel vulnerable to decay.
  • Coffee with Additives– Coffee alone is acidic which is hard on the enamel but most people use sweetener which can include sugar leading to decay.
  • Sticky Foods-Sticky foods tend to adhere to the teeth and are usually carbohydrates in nature which make a patient more prone to decay.
  • Candy-Candy is purely sugar; consumption can lead to higher caries risk. Hard candy also puts you at risk for fracturing teeth.
  • Crunchy foods-Crunchy foods can cause tooth fracturing, also most crunchy foods contain starch which puts a person at a higher caries risk.

With all that being said, there are foods and beverages that are actually good for your oral health.

Top 5 Good Foods For Teeth:

  • Water
  • Dairy
  • Lean Proteins
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Nourishing Nuts

*Information provided by The American Dental Association.

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