Zanesville Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Teeth Whitening

Professional tooth whitening is the most effective way to whiten teeth 6-10 shades lighter. Over-the-counter products can improve teeth shade only three shades lighter. Whitening occurs from the inside out. Enamel is like a frosted piece of glass. Dentin is what gives the tooth its color. All whitening products work on the dentin layer and are time and concentration dependent.

We offer Opalescence® Tooth Whitening systems at our office. A reloadable custom tray made by your dentist is the most effective way to deliver the whitening gel. Opalescence whitening gel comes in either mint or melon flavors and is available in 20% and 35% strengths, allowing you to see results after just one night and with amazing results after one week.

We also offer Opalescence Go® Kits as an affordable whitening system. These preloaded, disposable whitening trays require no impressions and are effective in providing long-lasting results.

Porcelain Veneers, Crowns, and Bridges

Today’s ceramics can drastically improve the appearance of your smile. All-porcelain veneers, crowns and bridges are made of ceramic that either match the shade of your teeth or improve the shade of teeth being restored. Porcelain restorations reflect light, much like the translucence of natural teeth. A metal-free smile can give you the natural appearance you desire. A veneer is a porcelain facing permanently attached to the tooth to improve the color, shape and/or size of the tooth. In most cases minimal preparation of the tooth is required. An all-porcelain crown permanently covers the entire tooth surface and restores the tooth to its original size and shape. The underlying color of the tooth can enhance the color of the permanent restoration or be blocked from showing by the type of material chosen by your dentist. An all-porcelain bridge is an esthetic restoration that can replace one or more consecutive missing teeth permanently. Whiting your teeth before any of these cosmetic procedures will definitely make a big impact in the final outcome of your smile.


Dorosti Dental is now offering Botox.  Application of the filler can help you to look refreshed by adding volume to the skin through tiny injections. The process helps reduce wrinkles and facial folds around the mouth and eyes. Call 740-452-3697 today to set up an appointment or to learn more.

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