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Do I Have to Replace My Extracted Teeth?

When a tooth is missing–or extracted, there are options as to how to replace the area where the tooth is missing. Many patients do not understand the reason why it is important to fill in these areas.

When a tooth is extracted, the patient’s bite and functionality changes. Surrounding teeth can move, causing everything to change. The mouth isn’t in full working function any longer making chewing, talking and smiling more difficult.

If a tooth is missing posteriorly it can put strain on all the other teeth causing excessive wear on other teeth since posterior teeth are used for chewing.

If a bottom tooth is extracted, the upper remaining teeth that occlude in that area can start to super-erupt … coming out of the socket and causing bone-loss and possible tooth loss.

There are so many different scenarios as to how a missing tooth affects the patient’s mouth.  Most importantly, patients should know there are ways to replace missing teeth so they do not have to experience these problems.

The most natural-like tooth replacement option is the dental implant. A dental implant can replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or support a whole denture. But not all patients are good candidates for dental implants. An Oral Surgeon assesses the patient to determine qualification for implant placement and your dentist performs the final restoration.

Implants are a post that is placed below the gum line and the body uptakes the titanium implant as its own, creating a sturdy anchor for the crown/denture restoration which is placed at the final appointment.

Another option for tooth replacement is a dental bridge. A Bridge involves the two teeth surrounding the area where a tooth is missing. The tooth in front of and behind the space is prepped so an impression can be taken and sent to the lab. Once the final bridge is received from the lab, the dentist cements the bridge into place. The third and final option for tooth replacement is a partial denture/denture. A partial/full denture is a removable appliance and the most cost-effective way to replace multiple teeth.

In order to determine which tooth replacement option is best for the patient a consult is scheduled with the dentist to discuss the patient’s needs, concerns, and contraindications.

Wondering if one of these options is right for you? Just call the Dorosti Dental office today for an appointment. We’ll be happy to make an evaluation and recommendation.  740/617-0341

~Blog Post by Haleigh Holdcroft-Leather, Dental Hygienist/EFDA with Dorosti Dental 

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