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‘DIY’ Dental Care: Our Thoughts

You don’t have to look far online to find “alternative” options for do-it-yourself dentistry. From videos to whiten your teeth at home with homemade mixtures, fill your own cavities, straighten your teeth or pull your own teeth, there are endless so-called “money- saving solutions” that promise to fix your smile.  The truth is that these trends are not only dangerous, but they can result in long-term damage.

DIY filling kits are supposed to be a temporary measure until you can come in, but for some, the temporary filling becomes a permanent solution. The truth is there is a huge risk with this–as the bacteria can get trapped, making the problem worse and resulting in root canals or tooth loss. The better solution is always to come into our dental office and let us take care of it.

There are purported tutorials showing people how to fix their smiles with rubber bands, floss, and even paper clips. The mere thought of this is cringe-evoking, because of all the potential problems one can create for yourself (and your dentist), including needing dental surgery or even having to retrieve lost items.

The most alarming trend in DIY dentistry involves tooth extractions with pliers and screw drivers. First of all-OUCH! The risk of breaking a root, permanent damage to the structures in the mouth, bleeding and infection is extremely high. We strongly recommend against these options. Let a dental professional remove your tooth safely under anesthesia.

Of course, some solutions are innocuous–like rinsing with warm salt water or hydrogen peroxide, or brushing teeth with baking soda. In all cases, you should check with your dentist before proceeding. In the long run, it turns out that “do-it-yourself dentistry” can be much more expensive and dangerous than if you had seen a dentist in the first place.

The Dorosti Dental team is here to help you and provide you the most accurate information. Call us with any questions–or for a check-up. Better to be pro-active and keep your smile at its best!


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