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Do I REALLY Need to See My Dentist Twice a Year?

The saying goes “Prevention is the best medicine.” This is especially true in dentistry.

Think of it like this:  when you keep up with timely oil changes on your car—as part of a regular maintenance program—then your car delivers peak performance.

Your oral health care works the same way.  Regular dental appointments are important because they give us an opportunity to:

– Clean your teeth and tartar below the gum. (Tartar or calculus cannot be removed with brushing alone.)

– Check for signs of early gum disease and tooth decay.

– Polish your teeth to whiten your smile.

– Inspect your crowns, bridges, fillings, and partials to make sure they are in good condition.

– Most importantly, provide an oral cancer screening. Oral cancer treatment of the head and neck is most successful when caught early.

Your dentist will recommend more regular intervals of 3-4 months if you fall into one of these high risk groups:

– Smoker

– Diabetic

Periodontal disease

– Autoimmune disorders

– Pregnant women

– High risk for dental cavities or plaque build-up

There may be other times when you need to see your dentist. These include:

– Tooth pain even if the pain subsides, it is best to address the underlying cause.

– Change in color, shape, size or non-healing lesion on your head, neck or mouth.

– Inflamed gums or bad breath may be a sign of early gum disease.

– Extreme sensitivity to hots or colds may an indicator of decay.

– Headaches may be a sign of clenching or grinding of teeth.

Today is a great day to schedule your dental checkup. We look forward to seeing you soon.


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